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IC Contact for Green Oak. Aligned with Aiada.
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like 3 days after they last spoke; voice

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[ KNOCK KNOCK GREEN'S BRAIN, IT'S RED. Enjoy those vibes of knowing Red is trying to get in contact with you. Aren't they nice?? Pick up the phone already. ]

Green? Hey, it's Red! How are you doing?

[ Do you remember the last time you had a casual conversation with someone. ]
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[ Ughh!! ]

At least you're still alive. [ Good job!! ] Just tell me how you've been settling! It's not like this is back home... do you have a job? There's a group I know who can do with a guy like you helping, and they pay well!

[ Also fight him if you've been working for the Hunter's Guild. ]
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The Wildlife Society. They study and document the wildlife on Empatheias and on the surface when they can, and they usually need help making sure some of the more harder to get to creatures are doing okay.

There's not always a lot of fighting, but with your pokémon I know you can do some good! It'll be a good way for you to see some of the the stronger creatures they have here too! Like gryphons, dragons, basilisks... You shouldn't get too close to the dragons though if you can. They act like charizards, but they're not as friendly about trespassers.

[ But with each name mentioned, Red shares a memory that gives an image of what they look like. Big four-legged birdy, a big charizard and a big arbok, oh boy. ]
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How many creatures have you seen so far? Just the ones they keep around Verens as pets? Have you seen what's outside the city?

[ Seen any wolves or other things like that buddy. ]
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Well, it depends where you go...

[ Huff. ] But you have to be careful! This place is filled with hunters, and some of them aren't very smart when they see a pokémon. There's always something riling up one group or another too.
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Of course I have! [ Uggghhhh. ]

I just...don't want you to beat something up and someone comes along and kills it, alright? That's why I'm worried about!
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Just because they're not pokémon doesn't mean I don't care about how they run things here. It's annoying. Nothing ever changes.

[ It's not only an irritation present in Red's voice but as a feeling too, but he knows how to not shove his feelings into others' headspaces. ]

There's no rules or anything... It's nothing like home. ... But it's been so long, I don't even remember what it's like to have Trainers all around. There's pet owners and nothing else.
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[ Ugh, that doesn't make him feel any better, but this is never a subject that does. The annoyance is there, but then it goes, like Red's caught on that it's showing and hiding it away. ]

Anyway, I can give you a recommendation with the society if you wanna check it out. You can tell them what pokémon you have and what they can do, and they'll send you on jobs they think you can handle. It'll be easy stuff to begin with, but since you've got experience with going up against wild pokémon, you should be able to get some decent work.

It'll give you something to do with your team, too.

[ And all creature jobs pay well, so yay. ]
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[ how you going to pay him back for the recommendation huh ]

Sure. Have you met any of the Trainers other than Bianca yet? I know you wanted to challenge Steven and Cilan.
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[ Oh? He's ran into Cilan? ....

better not ask straight away. ]
You want me to help you reach him when you're ready? I don't know where he lives, but I can make a line for you to him. Like this one.
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[ Hmmm-

Red shares an image of the guy standing in person, a feeling that comes with it that says-- This is Steven Stone. ]

Think about this guy. It should work then. [, anyway: ] What about Cilan?
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I-- you wanna challenge him too, don't you? I live with him! So...!

[ So...!!!!

... ]

...It's nothing! You can contact him yourself. [ Is there something panicky about the line for a moment there? Definitely not. ] He can teach pokémon new moves. You should ask him about it!
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Ask him! He'll know what he can teach you once he knows more about your pokémon.

[ huff huff we are being incredibly normal here. ]

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