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IC Contact for Green Oak. Aligned with Aiada.
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[ Mmm, Green can do what he wants, but... ]

Then what will you do? Are you just going to keep challenging me until you beat me? Don't you think you'll need something...more?
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[ A pause. ]

There's about seven of us. Including you.

[ Dude you're going to get bored. ]
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Unless there's a couple more I don't know about, that's it. We went on a camping trip a while ago where Bianca and Cilan invited the other trainers to come with us, and... Yeah. There were two more, but they left. Let me think...

You, me, Cilan, Bianca, Steven... Acerola, that other guy...

Yep. Seven.
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Mmm... I'll let you figure it out. [ ... ] Battling the others might help. Steven became the representative for Thras recently. You can find something too!

[ Maybe he might ~speak~ to people. ]