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IC Contact for Green Oak. Aligned with Aiada.
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like 3 days after they last spoke; voice

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[ KNOCK KNOCK GREEN'S BRAIN, IT'S RED. Enjoy those vibes of knowing Red is trying to get in contact with you. Aren't they nice?? Pick up the phone already. ]

Green? Hey, it's Red! How are you doing?

[ Do you remember the last time you had a casual conversation with someone. ]
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during helisium; shaarnath

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[ For this event.

Were you planning to take part in the festivities even without Red dragging you into them, Green? Too bad, enjoy the added company anyway because that's what you're getting! Red's dressed in robes that make him out to be a wizard of some kind to take part in the theme of the festival, the hood giving him some shelter from the heat. There's so much to look at around them, and Red nudges Green-- ]

Hey, let out Exeggutor! Won't they like all this heat?

[ Priorities!! Let's have a walking tree follow us!! ]